She came to me in daffodils

Late winter sunshine on her breath,

She bid me say hello

But I could not bow just yet.


She came to me in daffodils

And blossoms on the breeze

She smiled in her anger

But I would not bend the knee.

 She came to me in daffodils

And left me pretty things

She rose and said enough

And then I kissed the ring.


She came to me in daffodils

And leaves me oft in tears

But I could not bear without her

For we have much work I fear.

-”She Came to Me in Daffodils,” original poem from October 20, 2013

Between late fall of 2012 and the spring equinox of 2013, I found myself being surrounded by images of pomegranates and discussions of Persephone. Her history, her relationship with Hades. What the pomegranate means and her growth from simply Kore to Chthonia.  I refused acknowledge her presence, considering it my imagination or something else. By the time the vernal equinox rolled around last year, I gave up. I accepted that she was goading me into her proposal, into accepting her into my life.

Her role in my life and in my practice has mainly consisted of dealing with shadow work. Since her involvement, I have gone from a mad woman to a stable, confident woman in mind and body in just over a year. Her strength and guidance in the last year have helped tremendously in my regaining the threads of my life. But we still have much work to do and progress to make. I look forward to her continued guidance.


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