I celebrate and venerate gods and spirits from a variety of pantheons and belief systems. Aside from the deities that I list here at this blog, I also have a budding relationship of worship beginning with Arthurian characters and figures from folklore and fairy tales. These last things I don’t talk about much since, as I said, it is a budding relationship and I am still figuring out how they factor into my beliefs and spirituality. (Working with deities is much easier as there is an existent record of how their practices were used.)

Since 2013, I have been slowly attempting to reconcile my scholarship and academia with my desire for mysticism in my practice. To combine my head and heart, as I see it, in my spirituality. This has been a long road in trial and error, but I am still working my way towards it.

Below, you will find a list of the various high days that I have begun to form for my practice. Some are based around solar events (vernal and autumnal equinoxes), some on seasonal changes (April is known for its storms and showers, thus its association with the thunder god Thor), and some on personal history (Anubis first came into my life over 14 years ago in mid-November).

2015 Holy Days

February 14: Love’s Labors Lost

March 20: The Awaking of the Maiden

April 12: Rise of the Thunderer

April 30: Walpurgisnacht

May 1: Beltane

June 21: Dawn of the Silver Stag

September 23: The Becoming of the Queen 2014

October 23: Eve of the Crows

October 31: Samhain

November 15: Feast of the Jackal

November 29: Lanterns at the Crossroads

December 13: Gift to the Old Man

December 21: Night of the White Queen


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