May Reflections on Creativity

This reading wasn’t an easy one and I think it’s because the Triple Horned Goddess and Triformis cards are meant for you to understand, not me.
I got the impression they refer to the Morrigan but as soon as I thought that my insight sense shut down, so interpret that as you will.
Earth and The Great Rite indicate that you need to stabilize a profound relationship. How that relates to creativity is not clear to me, but it may be clear to you.
My best friend Red was gracious enough to pull this reading from her Well-Worn Path/Hidden Path joint divination deck by Raven Grimassi for May. “Incredibly NeoWiccan, but somehow still my go-to deck,” she told me after texting me the photo and her interpretation. I’ll admit that I take issue with a great deal of Grimassi’s ideas and writings, but I trust Red’s divination ability, so I spent most of May mulling on what this could mean for my year-long shadow work journey.
Red’s interpretation mentioned the Morrigan, but I had the feeling it was more to do with my deities as a whole set, rather than one in particular. After a month of relaxation, it was time to again focus on my oath…and another oath that I haven’t spoken of very much.
When I was young and foolish (though I still am), I spoke words aloud that I should not have without realizing what they would mean. I swore to not let the gods be forgotten, to do what I could to keep their names alive. A silly oath for a 19-year-old, but one all the same, and one I am obligated to commit to.
This morning, I took down the tenth shrine shelf on my wall, the empty shrine that had lain unadorned for weeks. I came to the realization early in May of what the purpose for this shelf would be, but it was damaged a while back and I have to replace it. It’s unfair to have a broken guest room, after all.
May was about my oaths, my words and my bonds I have made in previous years. It was a reminder of what I have promised, of what I must do to keep those promises. The Earth and the Great Rite cards confirm this, and it is not lost on me that the other two cards are both in reference to threes, a highly sacred number to me and my path—as well as a part of my oath: I swore on my hands, my mind, and my body to do these things, to speak their names and share them with those around me, with those who ask.
I spent May renewing my shrines, cleansing them and working on reciting my prayers each day. I made purchases for some of the shrines, including two new icons that are due to arrive today, and which I will lay upon the shrines this evening. I will replace the broken shelf and adorn it with small offerings, giving my love and adoration to any gods that may come to call, especially given my new purpose. But that’s a tale for a different time.

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