X. Wheel of Fortune

’round and ’round the wheel turns, never stopping; it is heartless, that way. Even if you beg, it will never pause for thee.

10_Wheel of Fortune
“Wheel of Fortune” by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I love this card, with its vivid colors and the knotwork that makes the Wheel appear as if it is truly moving. The patterns that lace the Wheel and the background make the entire image vibrant.

Of all the cards in Tarot, the Wheel of Fortune is the easiest to read, in my opinion. It’s the most straightforward and can be read positively, negatively, or neutrally, depending on the context.

The Wheel of Fortune is destiny, fate, karma*, serendipity, wyrd—whatever you want to call it. It is the “natural order” of things, or the way the path snakes through the forest of your life.

It is also turning points, the pivot point of one’s destiny where you have the option to go one way or the other. In that sense, the Wheel of Fortune takes on the idea of a map, moreso than a straight line. There are paths drawn and important sites notated, but in the end, the way you go is your own.

This speaks to me a lot, especially at this phase on my path. I have wandered for quite a while, and now, through my wanderings, I have many more options available to me. More of the map explored, though no home to call my own. Yet, the Wheel, as every wheel and every circle have, has its apex, its center, where everything comes together. It is here that I wish to one day find, and it’s possible I will.I find this card to tie in nicely with the Hermit, its predecessor. The Hermit is always seeking, always searching. The Wheel, with its map, lays the path for the seeker, gives the signs where one may go: do you go left, or do you go right at the crossroads?

*Karma in the original meaning, not the Western interpretation of the word.



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