2016 Oracle Reading

I  have never done this in years past, but I have always wanted to. So, this year, I made sure to sit down shortly after waking up for the first time in 2016 and lay down cards for the year.

I opted for one card for each month of the year, then a three-card spread for the overall tone of 2016. I am not surprised by the overall message of the year, considering my goal for 2016 is to pursue shadow work more in-depth. With the three-card draw being “message, wealth, and arcana” (hidden meaning and wealth in things I learn, is my interpretation), color me unsurprised.


There were a couple of months, though, that I requested clarification for: June and August. June, the card that appeared was “toxic,” which made me nervous. I drew three clarification cards and got “air, abundance…and death.” I have a general idea of what this will mean (basically that a lot of shit will hit the fan around this time, and I’ll be in for some tough rides), and the fact that this appears at the middle of the year is not lost on me.


For August, I received “obfuscate,” which I had a feeling about. But when I drew the clarification cards and received “illuminate,” the exact opposite of this card (even in imagery), I was first baffled, then resigned. Travel and Perseverance complete the set, which do clarify the meaning for this month.


Writing this and looking at the spread, I find myself confused by “Sol” for November, so I drew a few more clarification cards for it after gathering the cards into their respective piles: read and unread.


Ah, there it is. I was wondering if water was going to show up at all.

This set is pretty self-explanatory now with the clarification cards, so I won’t delve into the meaning…yet. I’m planning to revisit each of these months once they end to reflect on how the cards summarized the events of that time.

Overall, it seems shadow work truly is the focus of 2016, which has been the message for me since October. More to come on that soon.



5 thoughts on “2016 Oracle Reading

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