To Trouble the Water

It was Saturday again. We gathered once more at Chase‘s apartment, this time four of us instead of three: Chase, Sionnan, Bear, and myself. It was a night of merriment, of friendship, of spiked cider, of divination cards and runes and acorns.

We asked the cards many things, but the one that stuck out the most was when we asked the cards what we needed to leave behind in 2015 as we go into the new year.

Back on Samhain, Chase, Sionnan, and I met up to celebrate and to honor our ancestors. Then, too, we read cards and the Ogham. It was then that we asked what we were expected to do, what to look for, and what would come next. Then, I got a reading telling me that I needed to work with water.

I spoke briefly last year about how I have never quite gotten along with Water as an element. This still holds true. Before the readings, I had shared that I am so anti-water in my life that when there is running water nearby, I cannot hear what people say. There is just something about it that drowns out words, forcing me to only listen to the sound of the water as it runs.

This time, we asked the cards a new question, what we should leave behind in this old year as we go into the new.

And so, we each drew three cards.

Earthbound Troll_1

[Photo: Three card draw of the Earthbound Oracle. First card is “illuminate,” an eye with lit candles for its upper lid; second card is “earth,” the alchemical symbol for earth superimposed with mountains and a bone laying beneath it; and the third card is “healing,” a sparrow in flight with three arrows coming towards it.]

“Haha, very funny,” I thought. The earth was obvious, but after a moment I realized the other two cards had fire and air associations. I brought this up at my turn to discuss the cards I had drawn.

As the others spoke of their results, I grew curious and decided to draw a second set of three cards. For clarification, I told myself.

Earthbound Troll_2

[Photo: Three card draw of the Earthbound Oracle. First card is “toxic,” with a variety of poisonous herbs and fungi surrounding an intersecting fire and water alchemical symbols sigil (includes foxglove and fly agaric); second card is “fire,” the alchemical symbol for fire superimposed with flames and a ruby laying above it; and the third card is “self,” a green and brown heart with a blue eye in its center.]

Not weird. Not weird at all. I shared this result with the table and, with each of them watching, drew another two cards, pausing before I drew the second, the middle card.

Earthbound Troll_3

[Photo: Two card draw of the Earthbound Oracle. First card is “guide,” a compass with the Norse sigil “Vegvísir” to prevent getting lost; second card is “sol,” a painting of the Sun.]

I breathed a sigh of relief, to the amusement of the table. By now, each of us were watching me draw cards and waiting for the results. I drew the third card automatically, then stood up and walked away from the table, swearing.

Earthbound Troll_4

[Photo: Three card draw of the Earthbound Oracle. The first two cards are “guide” and “sol” from the previous photo; the third card is “air,” the alchemical symbol for air superimposed with clouds with a feather floating above its tip.]

It took some time for me to gather myself together. After storming away from the table, swearing and cursing and demanding to know why, I leaned against the wall before the door to Chase’s apartment and slid down its height before sitting on the floor before the entrance.

I can’t remember all I said, but it was not pretty. After a minute or two, I stood again and went back to the table. I sat, picked up the rest of my deck, and began flipping cards.

“What are you doing?” someone asked. I did not look up, merely kept flipping cards.

“I want to know where water is,” I replied, not taking my hands off the cards I had laid down.

“I bet it will be the last one,” someone else said. I shook my head, knowing full well where I would find it.

“No,” I told them, still drawing cards. “It will be the second to last, because I have already seen the last card: simplicity.”

I drew until I had three cards in my hand, then flipped over the third-to-last card. Not water.

Earthbound Troll_5.jpg

[Photo: The Earthbound Oracle in a pile over the previously drawn cards. The card for “water” is on top with one card flipped over beside it.]

I showed them all the second-to-last card without looking at it myself, then lay it on the table.



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