Season of the Witch

This year, I’m able to attend several events in the witchcraft and Pagan communities, more than I have in the past. While I try to attend the Pagan Pride Days in my area, I typically cannot make it to the various events and festivals that are near me.

This year, that is changing. I’ll be able to attend at least three new events this year, each of which I’m quite excited about. See the schedule below, and let me know if you’ll be in attendance as well! And these are just the events I know about. If you’re aware of any other events on the East Coast (or, apparently, eastern Canada), let me know!

May 29–31: Witches Sabbat 2015 at Raven’s Knoll (Ontario, Canada)

June 13: New Alexandrian Library Soft Opening (Georgetown, DE)

September 20: DC Pagan Pride Day (Washington, DC)

September 26: NoVA Pagan Pride Day (Manassas, VA)

November 6–8: Hallowed Homecoming: A Samhain Retreat (Triangle, VA)


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