The Trial of the Maiden

The prayer

Waking up today, I felt that everything was settled for Persephone’s rite. I walked Low-Key, got ready for work, and spent my day at the office mulling over what I would do.

Tuesdays, I typically go to therapy, but I had canceled yesterday. Lack of interest mostly, but I just wanted some time to myself. With Alec going week to week as well, I knew he’d be out of the apartment for a few hours so I’d be alone for awhile with just the dog for company.

The white bowl holds the beads that will eventually be remade into her prayer beads.

We traded placed, me giving Alec the keys so he could drive to his session and me heading in to take Low-Key for his evening walk and romp at the dog park. We played with the local dogs for a bit before heading home and I began to finish setting the altar for the rite. Most of it was set on Friday, when I had originally planned to do the ritual, but the snow had thrown me off. So, I opted to wait until things felt right—as they did this morning.

The last few items were key. A few bowls to make khernips and the new offering plates I had picked up for Persephone. My new workbook as I prep for the end of May (more to come later). My copy of her devotional anthology.

I followed the basic Hellenic offering ritual, found here, for tonight’s rite. Not to the letter, as that would make things too easy, but as a general guideline. I centered myself and approached the altar with purpose and lit the candles. Since my altar is against the wall, I lifted my offerings of dark chocolate with pomegranate, honey, and the sparrow skull necklace that came, unexpectedly, yesterday from Skullery. I made khernips of water, sea salt, and a smouldering bay leaf, and cleansed my hands with the water.

The offerings

From there, I read a short prayer from my anthology and made my offerings, explaining what I was giving and why. The chocolate was simple enough, and my recent bout of kleptomania while at the Ritz Carlton for my company’s meeting earlier this month produced the honey. (Give a witch a jar, and all that. What else was I supposed to do when I discovered they set out the honey in these tiny jars?)

The necklace was different. It arrived yesterday, which I was not anticipating, as I expected it to take a bit longer, as my crow skull had a few months earlier. But, today, after I got home from work and got changed to take Low-Key out, I found my hands drawn to the small box it had arrived in, still sitting on the front table, and putting it around my neck. I offered it to the Maiden and the Queen, as sparrows remind me something of her. They, too, are often misjudged, and I see them throughout the year, as I see her throughout the year.

This year, I finished my rite with a Tarot reading, drawing three cards. One for the focus of my work these next two months; two, as the actions I should take; and three for what the outcome will be for the end of May. I have yet to sit down with these cards and fully ponder them, but their spread intrigues me: Seven of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, King of Swords.



Friday was the Spring Equinox here.

…And it snowed.

Yesterday was warmer, but it felt…off. Like something was missing. Today is much the same.

Friday was the anniversary of my beginning to work with Persephone. But, this year, it felt as though she were not quite ready to leave and rejoin us above ground yet. So I’ve been postponing my offerings and rite to her. Hopefully, tomorrow will have a better feel. The altar is set and I purchased the last pieces today, since my offering plate is missing. (Not sure where the hell that went?) I’m hoping to make some bread, but it may just be the chocolate and water this year.

More to come when the rite is done.