Welcome Home

Today, Alec and I have officially moved out of our old apartment. We spent this weekend learning our new neighborhood with its plentiful birds and multitude of sidewalks, planting flowers and herbs to sit on our new balcony, and sipping lemonade while sitting outside and listening to the wind blow through the trees.

Our old apartment was cramped and small and in a busy area, not conducive to either of us. We were constantly on top of one another without any space to ourselves. In the new apartment here, I will have my own room to serve as an office and temple. I look forward to getting the furnishings for it to break up the bright yellow walls and set up the small shrines to my various gods and growing personal pantheon, but that’s a story for another day.

A quick update on my living situation and why I’ve been incommunicado for the last few weeks. Moving is hard work and there was lots to get done. But this new place with its fresh and brightly painted walls and quiet balcony has already felt like home longer than our previous place. I look forward to settling in and getting to know the area and giving my gods the space they deserve.


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